Intershape Hairstylists specialise in a number of methods of Hair extension application.

All of the luxurious hair extensions we use is 100%, Remy human hair of the highest quality. All of the hair extensions we use are deigned to transform and enhance your look without the use of damaging heat or harsh chemicals.

Add volume, length, highlights or texture without damaging the integrity of your hair. All of our hair extensions are reusable and guaranteed.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Perfectress are a micro ring connection hair extensions system designed to blend naturally with most hair types and lengths. Unique engineering provides the wearer with a long lasting seamless result that is guaranteed to last up to 12 months.

Available in 14, 18, 20 and 22 inch hair extensions with a straight or natural body wave. These hair extensions are unparalleled.

Tiny Bead Hair Extensions

Tiny Bead Hair Extensions is the latest technology to come onto the market, also known as Nano Bead hair extensions. The Tinybead is smaller than a grain of rice and comes in a large range of natural colours to ensure the hair extensions are 100% undetectable. The Hair Extensions are of the highest quality ensuring the hair extensions can be used time and time again.

Tinybead hair extensions look best when serviced in salon every 6 to 8 weeks, with regular maintenance your hair extensions will go undetected for the life time of the hair. Tinybead hair extensions are available in lengths between 16 to 26inches.

Showpony Tape Hair Extensions

Showpony Professional Hair Extensions is an Australian company specializing in undetectable, natural and safe hair extensions. Tape hair extensions by showpony ensure a quick and simple application. Lying flat against the hair they allow for a comfortable service and very natural looking results. These hair extensions come in  14, 20 and 24 inch lengths. Tape hair extensions are reusable for up to 6 months.

LA Weave Hair Extensions

L.A weave Hair Extensions are another great method of hair extension application that we offer in salon. A weft is held in place by micro rings. No glue, no heat, no braids.

Perfect for anyone that is time poor and needs a fast, durable hair revamp, hair extensions can be installed in as little as 60minutes.

This method of hair extensions can last up to 12 months with regular servicing.


If you have any further questions – your hair extensions expert can answer all of these in an in depth complimentary consultation.

Can I colour my hair and my hair extensions?

Semi and demi permanent hair colour is permitted to be applied to your hair extensions however we advise against any sort of bleaching and lightening. Our hair extensions come in an extensive range of colours to match all hair types and trends. Your hair extension specialist will customize a colour plan for your natural to make sure your hair is always looking its best. Prior to application your hair extension expert will have a thorough consultation with you and advise you on colour selection to suit you perfectly.

Can I style my hair extensions?

Definitely! As long as the proper care and attention is taken they can be styled just like your natural hair. Blow drying and ironing is all acceptable as long as it’s not done in excess and a thermal protector is used.

How long will my hair extensions last?

Depending on which method you choose, you can expect your hair to last beautifully anywhere from 6 to 12 months. With the correct care and regular maintenance your hair extension specialist with ensure your hair extensions are looking natural and undetectable at all times.

What products do I need to invest in to ensure my hair extensions are kept in optimum condition?

We always recommend a professional shampoo and conditioner to keep your natural hair as well as the hair extensions looking smooth, soft and easy to manage. Thermal protectors are also a must have to maintain the integrity of your natural hair as well as the hair extensions during the styling process.