Have you always wanted that perfect Disney princess hair but never had the patience to grow it? Well Intershape has the perfect solution! In the salon we are now using microring, the most advanced hair extension system available today!

The microring system uses the world’s smallest nano ring hair extension procedure, designed to enhance the volume, texture and length of your natural hair. To ensure maximum undetectability, the extensions are colour matched to your hair, threaded through tiny micro beads and secured in place, meaning there’s no risk of them sliding out! What’s more, microring extensions are completely natural, using no chemicals, adhesives, heat, beads or solvents, so there’s no damage to your hair. The best thing about microring is that they are reusable, with no need to be re-tipped or re-glued. By following the Intershape simple care and maintenance advice, your microring extensions will last up to two years, longer than any other extensions on the market!

Michelle and the styling team at Intershape are fully qualified extension technicians, excited to give you the long locks you’ve always wanted! Book an appointment with the Intershape team now, or for more information about microring extensions visit the website.

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